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Importing Image URLs
Step status on Production View
Move products to another job
Job import settings
Set - Talent - Crew in Planning module
Jobs view
Planning overview
How to create sessions and add production tasks
QC tool box
How to use Looklet in Gamma
Main Product property vs. Outfit Product property
Digital processing - Workflow
Digital Processing - Ink
Message center
Digital Processing - Gamma
Display and Alerts Location Guide
Insights Report- Creative Force User Overview
Delivery options - Brandquad
Download assets at the quality control step
Resource File Management
Universal scanning
Product Tab vs Production Tab Status
Create a Job via files upload
Create a Job by syncing from data source
Create a Job by scanning samples
Freetext search logic
Mark-up interface for Ecom
Props/ Styling Wardrobe
Products view
Sample view
How to scan samples
Creating outfits in Gamma
Edit team on set in Ecom
Assets page
Production view
Final Selection
Photo review
Post QC
Bulk QC
Cropping and rotation in Gamma
Fast task selection
Reuse images
Copywriting - Style Guide
Copywriting overview
Copywriting- Kanban View
Print sample labels in a defined order
Display Image handling
Post Review for Ecom (coming soon)
Auto mapping at Final Selection in Gamma
Copywriting Dashboard
Ecomm: Share for External Review (coming soon)
Applying Updates to Individual Production Types
Applying Updates to Individual Production Types - Workflow Changes
Styling items vs. Wardrobe items
Text display on Gamma
December 2023 UI Updates
Failed Asset delivery status
Session card colors
Image color change
Collections in Ecom (coming soon)
Talent & Crew (coming soon)
Assets star rating for Ecom (coming soon)