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Post Review for Ecom (coming soon)
Post Review for Ecom (coming soon)
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Similar to Post Review in Editorial, Post Review for Ecom will serve the same purpose giving you an extra opportunity to review the retouched assets before the final delivery.

Please note that Post Review for Ecom is an add-on feature, more details can be discussed with your Customer Success Manager.

User Settings and Permissions

The first step in getting started with Post Review is adjusting the user settings for those who will be executing the Post Review step. Head to Studio Settings -> Users -> Edit User and you will see the Post Review skill under the Stakeholder section:

Please note:

  • Only users who have the Post Review skill enabled can perform Post Review.

  • Only users who have the Post Review skill can view the Post Review Kanban screen

After setting up the correct skill for the user, you can continue to set up the Post Review workflow and work on Post Review kanban view.

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