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Due to some little twitches here and there on a product, or for a product to carry over to a new season, you may need to reuse images that already exist in the system. Rather than re-uploading them all, we now allow you to reuse imagery directly within Gamma.

You can reuse the current product photographs you already had, have them run through post-production for any necessary retouching, and successfully send them through to your websites with accurate names and descriptions—all from within Creative Force.

To do this action, you must have the Art Director skill in your user’s account and 'Edit' permission on the Production view. Read more about user skills here.

You can find this button in the Actions menu or right-click at a production type on the Production view. This works when the production type has the Photography step at either Backlog - To do - Rejected and the source must be Photo production; VPI production is not supported.

After selecting the production types, you can click Reuse images. You will be brought to a selection screen where you can see the existing images of the same product codes. The default filter is Product codes ‘Same as selected’ - this is a dynamic filter and will change according to the selection you have made.

From here, you will have the following actions:

  • Save your own personal view with filters

  • Change the thumbnail size

  • Set the needed filters

In the left side, you will see all the existing images according to the filters you have set up. The right side is the style guide positions where you can drag in the selected images.

There are three buttons that you can see in this screen:

  • Back: you will be brought back to the Production view

  • Skip: if you have one task, then you will be brought back to the Production view. If you have more than one task, you can skip this product and jump to the next one in queue. The queue is in the order shown from top to bottom on the Production view when you made the production type selection.

  • Continue: the task will be submitted and the next task will appear. If you don’t have any tasks left in queue, you will be brought back to the Production view.

Regardless of where you have your Final Selection either in Kelvin or in Gamma, after the Reuse image is Done, both Photography and Final Selection are Done. The product then continues to follow its workflow as per the setup.


- Reset Production:

  • Reset to Final Selection step: Photography task is Done and Final Selection Step will be To do. Selected images will be stored as available assets for Photography step.

  • Reset to Photography: Everything is reset. Reuse Images can be selected again for the work unit.

- Team on Set information: The team on set data from the selected assets will not be used for the Reused tasks. The user can edit the team on set for the work unit if needed.

- Location information: Location for Reused tasks is not supported.

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