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Set - Talent - Crew in Planning module
Set - Talent - Crew in Planning module

Planning & Resources add-on module

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Resources are optional info that you can add to a session. There are two types of resources: location resources and user resources. One resource can be assigned to many sessions.

Location Resource - Set

A set is a location that you can create under your studio settings. Within a location, you can then create several sub-locations and containers.

For your studio locations to appear here, you must assign its Location Type as a Set. Once this is done, your locations will be available as a Set that can be assigned to a session in the Planning screen.

When selecting a location here, the slide-in will appear from the right side showing you an overview of that location, the existing containers, and the samples within it. From this slide in, you can quickly see if this is a check-in location and how many or which samples are checked in. You also have the ability to search for the container codes or samples code.

User resource - Talent

When selecting the Talent page, you will see a list of all the users that have the ‘model’ skill in your studio.

Click here to learn more about ‘skill’ in Creative Force.

By selecting a user, you will see the user properties in the overview tab. These properties can be shown or hidden depending on your set up here.

User resource - Crew

When selecting the Crew page, you will see a list of all the users that have the following skill sets in your studio:

  • Photographer

  • Assistant

  • Stylist

  • Art Director

  • Hair & Makeup

When you select a user, the user slide-in will appear showing you the user properties and the skill set they have on their account.

You can learn more about the user overview here.

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