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Resource File Management
Resource File Management

How to send Resource Files in Creative Force

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Resource files are files sent to Post-production teams to aid in retouching but are not required to be returned to Creative Force. They can be used to create composite images, for stacking, or just as general support files for the retouching teams. Sending resource files with Creative Force couldn’t be easier.

How to send an image as a Resource File


In Kelvin, simply drag and drop your resource file to the position it will be used to support. Next, right-click the resource image and select ‘Covert to Resource’:


  • Resource files are named in the order from left to right

  • Maximum resource files per position is 20 files

This action is confirmed by a small ‘R’ icon in the lower right corner of the image:

After pressing ‘Continue’, if you are transferring more than two images per position, the system will prompt you to link the Resource file with the image it is intended to be used for:

Press ‘Confirm’ and you’re on your way!

Final Selection

You have the option to convert transferred assets to resource files if Final Selection is taking place in Gamma rather than Kelvin. Simply right-click the image you’d like to send as a resource file and select ‘Convert to Resource’

You’ll see the same small ‘R’ icon appear in the lower right corner of the image once the conversion is complete.

We do have other processes in place specifically for Colour Reference files and In-clip images for Ghost Mannequin. You can read more on each type in the articles below:

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