You may have noticed that at times there appears to be a discrepancy when viewing the status of a product on the Product Tab vs the Production Tab. Here’s why that may take place.

The Production Tab Status

The Production Tab breaks down the status of products on the Work Unit or Production Type level. Let’s take the product below for example. The product below has two Production Types: Mannequin and On Model. In the example below we can see that when searching by product code on the Production Tab we see two results for the same product. One reflects the progress of the On Model Production Type and the other reflects the Mannequin Production Type.

Now let’s say in your role, you only work with the On Model production type so you’ve applied a Production Type filter to view data for only the On Model production type. In this scenario, it appears that the product is complete and has finished production:

Now let’s hop over to the Product Tab to see where this might cause confusion would remove this “for some users” for some users.

The Product Tab Status

The Product Tab displays the status of the product as a whole. So in our example above, despite the On Model Production Type having the Status of Done, the Mannequin Production Type is still in To Do so the Product tab will display the status of “In Progress”. This status will remain In Progress until all of the active production types have been completed.

While we can see how comparing our two examples from above may cause a bit of confusion initially, as long as you remember that the Production Tab is displaying the Work Unit status while the Product Tab displays the Status of the Product as a whole, you’ll be in the clear!

Lastly, one helpful tip if you are seeing a discrepancy between the Production Tab and the Product Tab- if you click into the Product detail fly-out from the Product Tab the panel will provide insight into all active production types and their statuses which can help quickly clear things up in tricky situations.

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