Within Creative Force, there are two different ways that you can import an image without waiting for production to start. You can use the image URLs and import them in as values for either the Product Image property or Color Reference Url property.

Where to find

Both of these properties are the system’s reserved properties which means that you cannot edit them. These properties are ‘free text’ type so you can put them in the URLs.

  • Product Image is in the sample properties.

  • Color Reference Url is in the product properties.

How to add the URLs

The URLs must be added at the same time as when the products got imported. The URLs cannot be added once the products already exist in the system.

Product image

After importing the product image URL, you can see the image upon scanning the product in Kelvin even though the product is still in Backlog.

Color Reference Image Url

After importing the Color Reference Image URL, you will see the image under Color Reference in the product slide-in.


  • The URLs should be public for 24 hours for Creative Force to scan them in.

  • The supported file types can be found here.

  • URL length must be less than 2048 characters and the file size must be smaller than 200MB

  • To import multiple image files, you can use multiple URLs but they must be separated with a “|” delimiter in between.

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