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QC tool box
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Along with the quality assurance feature to quickly check the image’s specifications, within the QC screen, Creative Force also provides for you the QC tool box to make your job easier.

In this tool box you will find the following tools:

  • Color picker

  • Background color

  • Cropping guide

  • Opacity check

  • Reference image overlay

  1. Color picker

This allows you to know the color code of each pixel in the image. You can switch between RGB or HEX color code.

2. Background color

Depending on your preference, you can change the background color of your view. This background color will be saved on your user interface.

3. Cropping guide

If you have set up a preset that requires a specific cropping dimension, you can select the cropping guide to see if the crop is correct.

4. Opacity check

You can see the opacity level of the image using this tool. The opacity checker is only available on the image with a transparent background.

5. Reference image overlay

Depending on the reference image set up you have on your client, you can see the images film strip on the left.

You can filter the images by Category, Job code, Product code and Production type. Then you can select the image to bring it out as an overlay to your current image in QC. You can choose to fit lay horizontally or vertically and ultimately choose the opacity level of the overlay image.

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