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Sometimes, navigating a text filled calendar can make it challenging to focus on the details that matter most for you individual work. By highlighting essential information with colors, your Team get the possibility to communicate more effectively, ensure to focus on the important information needed for their work.

You can assign different color code to different production teams or give different information. For example, you can assign color as the priority level for the sets, Red is the highest priority, Orange is the second highest and so on.

Studio color scheme

Navigate to Studio settings -> General settings, scroll down to the Planning section.

Note: You need to have Edit permissions on General settings section to do this.

By default, it is set to ‘None’. If you select the other options, all of your user base can select the option ‘Studio Color Scheme’ as a standardized color codes. Otherwise, each user can select their own personal color when using Planning Calendar.

Here, colors can be assigned by:

  • Set: we will show all available set locations you have on your studio

  • Production type: we will show all active production types you have on your studio

  • Session properties: we will show properties that are List type here

After selecting the value from the dropdown, you can click ‘Settings’ to select the color you prefer for each sub-value. Click ‘Save’ to apply the setup.

Planing calendar - Session card color

To use session card colors, go to Calendar display settings. You can select the setting you prefer and the session cards will follow the color you have selected.

  • Default color is White, you can select a different color to be the default color. This means that when new sessions are created, it will be displayed with the default color.

  • Studio color scheme is what you have set up in the General Settings above. If your studio have this set as ‘None’ you will aslo see ‘None’ in your calendar view.

  • You have the option to change the cards’ colors by Set, by Production type and by Session property. You can only select the Session properties that are List type.

You can also select a different color directly on the session by clicking the swatch button.

Note: Only users who has Edit access to Planning can change the session card color.

If the session card color is selected manually regardless of the settings, it will be copied over to the duplicated session.

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