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Auto mapping at Final Selection in Gamma
Auto mapping at Final Selection in Gamma
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The Integration between Creative Force and connectors such as Orbitvu and Looklet does not only allow Creative Force to receive images from those systems but we ca streamline that even further by using the Auto mapping and Auto continue feature.

This feature is accessible for all products that run on Orbitvu and Looklet production type and have Final Selection done in Gamma.


  1. Select Orbitvu and/or Looklet production type in the Settings tab in your workflow

  2. In the Photography settings, you will see the options for Auto-map and Auto-continue

  • Auto-map to positions: We will try to map files based on their filename. Creative Force will look for the exact filename match. We will talk about this in detail later in this article.

  • Auto-continue: Creative Force will automatically continue the tasks if auto-map is executed successfully.

Once the workflow is set up as per your preference, you can move to the Style Guide setup.

Style Guide

In order for the Auto-map and Auto-continue to work, it is crucial that you follow the logic in the Style Guide’s setup both for Photography and Assets.


Mapping files to the positions means that you will need to set the priority, the image range count, and the alts image range count of each position correctly.

Below is the priority logic for the positions:

  1. CF will map images from the first position to the latter ones, prioritizing mandatory positions and then optional positions.

2. After scanning the position’s order priority, we will move to the image range counts and alts image range count.

  1. Fulfill MIN shot count of mandatory positions

  2. Fulfill MIN required enforced ALTs of mandatory positions

  3. Fulfill MIN shot count of optional positions

  • In each optional position:

    • Fulfill min shot count

    • Fulfill MIN required enforced ALTS

4. Fulfill MAX shot count of mandatory positions

5. Fulfill MAX shot count of optional positions

6. Fulfill MAX required enforced ALTS of mandatory positions

7. Fulfill MAX required enforced ALTS of optional positions

8. Fulfill MAX not enforced ALTs of mandatory positions

9. Fulfill MAX not enforced Alts of optional positions


Since Final Selection has not been completed, Creative Force will generate a temporary asset name to compare the filename.

To generate the temporary asset name, we depend on how you set up the naming tokens following the below logic:

  • The tokens “Recurrence Index”, “Date”, “Datetime”, “Position Sequence Number”, “Position Sequence Letter”, “Production type Sequence Number”, “Production type Sequence Letter”, “Sequence Number” and “Sequence Letter” will be ignored.

  • Tokens that have empty property values will be ignored.

  • All other tokens will be kept.

  • Hard code texts will be kept.

After the temporary asset name is generated we will compare it with the actual filename, if they match (case insensitive) then they will be mapped.


Naming tokens: IMG %date%product_code%SequenceNumber

–> temporary asset name is IMG *Prod 01*

The %date and %SequenceNumber are ignored when the temporary asset name is generated.

The * icon is generated instead of %date and %SequenceNumber and in the temporary asset name, the * icon can be any characters and be with any length.

As long as your filename is in this format IMGspaceanycharacterProd 01anycharacter, the file will be mapped.

Final Selection kanban

After setting up the workflow and style guide, you can start pushing products via Orbitvu and/or Looklet. The tasks will arrive at the Final Selection To Do kanban, if you only select Auto-map to positions in your workflow. While, if you also select Auto-continue, the tasks will be moved automatically to the “Done” status of the Final selection and become available on the next step as you’ve set up as part of your workflow.


  • Orbitvu will not pull from CF any properties apart from the one you scan. It is crucial that the filename follows the setup in CF's style guide for automap to work.

  • If the automap in Final Selection fails, the user must go in and push the task manually.

  • If the user rejects a task in Final Selection, the tasks will not be returned to Orbitvu. The user must reset the task to Photography and push it through CF's native app - Kelvin as the usual flow.

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