There are three ways that you can create a job in Creative Force.

  • From file: you can create a job by uploading a file in these formats csv, .xls, .xlsx, .json

  • From scan: you will need to have a data source set up for this option.

  • Sync from data source: this only works if you have a data source set up.

To create a job by syncing from the data source, go to Jobs -> Create job -> Sync from data source.

Fill in the job information including Job name and Job code...etc. You will need to select the correct client that has a data source set up.

In your data source, you might have various files and different thousands of products, so Creative Force will ask you to define the correct product you want to sync. If you are familiar with the conditional rules in Creative Force, this is something similar.

When you click ‘Add rule’, the product has to match all the values you stated. When you click ‘Add section’, Creative Force will look for a product that matches the first clause of the rule, if nothing matches, we will move to the second clause.

Here, we make it a bit simpler by offering two conditional setups:

  • Equal to: the property value has to be the exact match

  • Contains: the property value includes the data you fill

After filling in your data, you can test your equations by clicking ‘Test criteria’.

Click ‘Continue’, the ‘Import settings’ will pop up. And then hit ‘Continue’ again, Creative Force will look for the products and start syncing.

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