Where to find Post QC

To perform the task quality control for both Internal and External Post-Production (Post QC) you need to browse to the top menu "Tasks" and hit the menu "External Post QC" or "Internal Post QC".

What can be done

Here you will find a kanban board with 3 columns "To Do", "Doing", and "Done".
The first column "To Do" contains all the tickets that have not been picked or started yet. You can click on "Pick" to assign a ticket or several tickets to you and they will change to start.
Once you click "Start" you are taken to the post QC screen and the ticket will move to the "Doing" column. On completion of the product you started, the next 'picked' product will automatically open in the QC screen.

In the quality control step, images can be reviewed, approved, and rejected to the previous step incl. comments / markings.

How to review

To review an image you select the image and hit "Spacebar" then it opens up and you can compare the before and after image.

How to approve

To approve the hole suit of images you click the "Continue" button in the top right corner and the images will move to the next step in your assigned workflow.

Display other production types in Post-production QC

You have the option to display other Production types side-by-side with the one that is being reviewed in the post-production QC step.

How to reject

To reject an image you can click on the image(s) you want to reject and hit "ALT + R" to mark it for rejection.
Once you hit the continue button you will go to the page where you can do comments and markings.
Once you have done your comments and markings you can click continue and the product will move to the previous step again. 

Note: Where your workflow contains both External and Internal post-production step.

In this scenario, you have a further option at the External post QC step. In addition, to reject or approve, you can send the images to the Internal Post-Production with instructions and markings.
You can do this by hitting "ALT + I" on the image(s) you wish to comment on. The images are marked in the same way as a rejection but with a blue instruction dot. The process for adding instructions and markings is the same as above. 

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