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Post QC

How to perform quality control for Internal and External Post-Production in Creative Force

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Where to find Post QC

To do quality control for both Internal and External Post-Production (Post QC) navigate to the top menu "Tasks" tab and select “External Post QC” or “Internal Post QC from the dropdown.”

Utilizing Internal and External Post QC

Here you will see a Kanban board with 3 columns "To Do", "Doing", and "Done". The first column "To Do" contains all the tasks that have not been picked or started yet. You can click on "Pick" to assign a task or several tasks to yourself. Once a task has been picked, it will change to “Start”. You can also choose ‘Bulk QC’ to accelerate the process.

Only Account Owner and Admin users can release the assigned tasks.

Once you click "Start" you are taken to the post-QC screen and the tasks will move to the "Doing" column. Once you finish a task, the next 'picked' product will automatically open in the QC screen.

In the quality control step, images can be reviewed, approved, and rejected along with comments and markings to the previous step.

How to review

To review an image you can select the image and hit the spacebar on your keyboard. This will open the image and allow you to compare the image before retouching and after retouching.

If your workflow requires a color reference image, you can open it via the eye icon on the left.

On the right side, you can see the info panel. There are four tabs here:

  • Post: Image output specification

  • Product: Product properties

  • Styling: Outfit information

  • Flow: Creative Force will show the next step if the image is approved or rejected

How to approve

To approve the whole suite of images, click the "Continue" button in the top right corner and the images will move to the next step in your assigned workflow.

Display variants

You also have the option to display other variants side-by-side with the main image that is being reviewed in the post-production QC step.

How to reject

To reject an image you can click on the image(s) you want to reject and hit "ALT + R" to mark it for rejection.

Once all rejections have been made, click continue. You will now have the ability to add instructions and markings for the post-production team.

Once comments and markings are complete, click continue and the product will move to the previous step.

Learn more about our mark-up screen here.

Note: The maximum number of characters supported in the annotation notes and comments is 512 characters.

Approval and rejection when a workflow contains both External and Internal post-production steps

In a scenario where a workflow has both Internal and External Post QC steps, you have the additional option of sending the images back to the Internal Post QC step along with instructions and markings.

To do this hit "ALT + I" on the image(s) you wish to comment on. The images are marked in the same way as a rejection, but with a blue instruction dot. The process for adding instructions and markings is the same as above.

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