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How to use Looklet in Gamma
How to use Looklet in Gamma
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After completing the Looklet integration, you can start using it in Gamma.

Step 1: Create Looklet production type

Go to ‘Studio Settings’ -> ‘General Settings’ to create a custom production type.

After creating the production type, you can start using it in workflows. Please note that only one Looklet production type is allowed per workflow.

With Looklet production type, the Final Selection must be performed in Gamma.

Step 2: Assign the workflow to a style guide and then start importing jobs into Gamma

You can read more about Style guides here.

More about creating jobs can be found here.

Step 3: Looklet - Item creator

  1. Login to your Looklet - Item creator.

  2. Input the product code or sample code to search for it


  • The code must have a Looklet production type

  • The step [Looklet Capture] status is To Do OR In-progress

  • The product must not have ‘wait for sample’ status

3. Capture images and Upload

  • Looklet Capture step in Gamma will be ‘Done’

  • Looklet Processing step in Gamma will be ‘In progress’

Step 4: Looklet - Approve

You will need to inform the Looklet team to approve the images. Once approved, the step ‘Looklet processing’ within Gamma will be Done.

Step 5: Looklet - Styling

  1. Install the app ‘Look Creator’

  2. Login using your credentials

  3. Style & Export

After exporting, the output files will be uploaded to Creative Force as the output of the Photography step. At this moment, the sub-step ‘Looklet styling’ is done and the ‘Photography’ step is done.

The task is ready for the next step in your workflow.

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