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Image color change
Image color change
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Why bother capturing shots of the identical product in various colors when you can leverage Color Change within Creative Force? This add-on feature drastically minimizes production time, requiring only the reuse of existing images and the selection of the desired color for the product.

To do this action, you must have the Art Director skill in your user’s account and 'Edit' permission on the Production view. Read more about user skills here.

You can find this button in the Actions menu or by right-clicking at a production type on the Production view. To use this feature all of the following requirements need to be met:

  • The production type has the Photography step at either Backlog - To do - Rejected

  • The source must be Photo production; VPI production, Video and Text type media are not supported

  • The production type must be on a workflow that has post-production enabled

Color Change is a two step process, first you will need to select the images and second you will then need to assign the color for that specific production type.

Step 1: Image Selection

After clicking Color Change, you will be brought to a selection screen where you can set different filters to find the images to reuse and recolor. The default filters are set at Asset delivery step and products with the same style code. All of the actions in this screen will be similar to the Reuse Images functions.

Here, you will see there is an indication of ‘Step 1: Image Selection’. The indication ‘1 of 2’ means that you are doing one out of two tasks you have selected previously.

Auto select image

Select your images once and apply those to multiple tasks, easy and quick!

When multiple work units share the same Style Code, Style Guide version and are of the same Production Type, selecting images for the initial work unit and clicking ‘continue’, will trigger the automation box. This box will ask for your permission to apply the same images across the other work units that meet the above criteria.

When clicking on ‘Continue’ the second time, you can see that the same images of the previous task are now auto mapped to the positions in the current task.

You have the flexibility to update the selection for any tasks as needed. The image selections will be saved automatically, allowing you to choose and apply them to your current task at any point.

Step 2: Color Definitions

After selecting the images, you can click ‘Continue’.

You will be brought to the Markers screen which is similar to the Mark-up screen. You will have all the functionality from the Mark-up screen plus the Marker tool.

Here, you will see the indication that this is Step 2 and you can define the color and select which post-production step you want to send the color instructions to. The post-production step you see here is the one set up in your workflow.


  • The External Post vendors will only see instructions added to the External Post step.

  • Internal Post retouchers will be able to see instructions added to all of the post-production steps.

When the Marker screen is opened, the default tool will be set to be the Marker, displayed with the plus icon within a swatch square. Clicking this icon on the right-hand side, you will have below options to define the color.

  • You can mark the color by using the color code: HEX or RGB

  • Pick a color by clicking directly on the color zone

  • And/ or upload one or more color swatches

You can choose one of the above options to define the color. Once you save the marker spot, you can move on to marking another color and you can also add any instructions for the color change and also for retouching guidance. If you want to remove the marker, you can right-click on the icon and select delete. Alternatively, you can remove the texts attached to the marker and then the annotation will be deleted as well.

After finishing putting in your notes, you can click ‘Continue’. The task will be pushed to the next step in the workflow.

Where to see the Color Change information

Completing this step, you can directly see the color change information throughout Gamma and Hue (if you have Internal post enabled).

Product slide-in

Within the product slide-in, you can see the details about the color change.

Post QC

You can see the info within the Post tab on the righ hand side.

Post Review

You can see the info within the Post tab on the right-hand side.


For Internal retouchers, the color change instructions will be shown within the Hue panel. If you have different post-production steps, and all of those steps have color change instructions, the notes will all be displayed in Hue.

For external vendors via or FTP, the instructions will be added to the instruction file. For other external vendors using API, all instructions will be sent via the backend.

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