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Creative Force works with Looker to create your built-in reports, giving you real-time insights on the productions, samples, lead time, and others.

On the above screenshot, left-hand side, you can find all the standard ones which are the Studio reports and Data reports. And of course, depending on your needs, you can always contact your Customer Success Manager for custom reports.

On the report, you will have several filter options. Click on each of them to set up the filter values. And click on the dashboard to see more detailed information.

There are two places with the three-dot menu that you need to be aware of. The first three-dot menu can be found in the top right corner of the report. It is called ‘Dashboard actions’.

  1. Clear cache and refresh: The cache only refreshes itself every one hour. If you want to draw new data instantly, click ‘clear cache and refresh’.

  2. Download: You will have the option to download in PDF and CSV. Clicking ‘download’ here will download all the dashboards in the report.

  3. Schedule delivery: The report will be sent out automatically according to the set up. You can set up the timing when to send, the receiver email, the content of the email and the report. With each schedule, you can set up different filters and different times and receivers; they won’t overwrite each other.


If you want to schedule a report that shows all the products were shot each day, you can select report Photography productivity. Click ‘Schedule delivery’ -> Filter and choose ‘Task finished date is in the last 1 day’ (below screenshot). Setting a fixed date will not work because the date value is dynamic, it will change every day.

4. Reset filters: Remove all the filters.

5. Viewer time zone: Set up the time zone to show the data.

The second three-dot menu can be found in the top right corner of each dashboard where you can download that specific data. It is called ‘Tile actions’.

You will have the option to download in seven different formats: TXT (tab-separated values), Excel spreadsheets (2007 or later), CSV, JSON, HTML, Markdown and PNG ( Image of visualization).

Next to the ‘Tile actions’ three-dot menu, you can see the bell icon called ‘Alerts’. This works independently from the ‘Schedule’ option in the ‘Dasboard Actions’. Different tiles will have different filters. You can set up conditions to filter out specific products and get them sent out to you at a specific time of the day.

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