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December 2023 UI Updates
December 2023 UI Updates

Sprint 142 release

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Our web application is the main hub to manage all of the work in your studio, so it is crucial to keep our navigation menu in a logical order. As we’ve added new features and functionality, our product has grown significantly since the original design was created. So it’s time for some re-organizing to reflect this growth and to prepare for the future releases!

After Release on Tuesday the 19th, you will notice a slight change in the top navigation bar.

Join us in this article while we take you through the changes!


For those of you using our Planning module, this will now appear first in the top navigation bar!

Read more about Planning here.

Note: If your instance or your user account does not have access to Planning, this section will be hidden.


Creative Force users work across many industries, so we’re working towards a goal of adjusting our language to be less industry-specific. Because of this, you’ll notice that “Wardrobe” has been renamed to “Props” and can be found in the Logistics section, so that all inventory coordinators have a dedicated section in the top navigation.

Read more about Samples page here.

Read more about Props page here.


Managing production tasks for both E-comm and Editorial can now be done from one place..

Additionally, you can now quickly access the Workflow, Style Guides and Preset for E-comm and Preset for Editorial separately as these set ups are a crucial part of the Production.


As our product grows, we need effective ways to manage tasks across many different types of work. Under the Tasks section, you will see two different sub-sections: Photo & Video and Text as these are two different types of assets in Creative Force.

Photography is now changed to Capture to reflect both Photo and Video productions.

Read more about:

Note: If your instance or your user account does not have access to Digital Processing, Copywriting or Copywriting QC, they will be hidden.

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