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Applying Updates to Individual Production Types
Applying Updates to Individual Production Types
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The new Apply Updates feature is here! Previously, when a style guide change was made, an entire product (and all of its production types) had to be reset back to Photography to apply the style guide updates. This new functionality allows you to apply style guide updates to individual production types without having to reset back to Photography.

In this article, we will go over where to find this feature, how to use it, and some common use cases based on frequently asked questions.

First and foremost, here is how you can apply updates to individual Production Types.

Step 1. Go to Style Guides > Actions > Apply Updates and click the banner to try the new method of applying updates to individual production types:

Step 2. Select which products you want to update. We’ve added filters here to make this easier.


  • If you’re applying updates to Products that are In Progress or Done, this feature currently supports working with 1,000 products or less at a time.

  • Disabled production types will not appear in the list to be updated

Step 3. Choose which production types you want to update, then select the action you’d like to set for each. You can select multiple production types and set the same action for all by clicking the blue ‘Set Action for Selected' button.

Step 4. Once all of your actions are set, click Apply to apply the changes.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, let’s dive a little deeper.

How do I know which action to choose?

Production types will receive style guide changes based on the step that they are reset to. If updates are applied without resetting the production type, applied changes will only be reflected in future steps.

  • Do Not Apply Updates: When choosing this action, updates will not be applied to the selected work unit.

  • Apply Updates Without Resetting: When choosing this action, the product will not be reset and updates will be applied to all future steps in the workflow. The current step that the production type is on will not receive the updates.

  • Apply Updates & Reset to Current Step: Resets any work done in the current step and applies updates to the current step and all future steps

  • Apply Updates & Reset to [prior step]: Resets work back to the prior selected step and changes will be applied to that step and all future steps. No changes will be applied to steps taking place before the selected step.

To give a better sense of when to use each action, we’ve put together some use case articles that will go over common scenarios when applying updates to individual production types.

Why do I have to reset to Photography for some Production Types?

While Apply Updates provides a significant increase in flexibility by allowing you to update individual production types without a full reset, there are scenarios where you will still need to reset a production type back to Photography in order for updates to apply.

If there have been changes to the product's workflow, you may have to reset the production type back to Photography. We’ve put together a Workflow Changes chart to help identify where a reset to Photography will still be needed.

Where can I access Apply Updates from?

In addition to the main style guide page, Apply Updates can be accessed in a few different places within Gamma and allows you to use the feature in a variety of different settings.

  • Product Tab: Select one or more products and click Actions > Apply Updates:

  • Production Tab: Select one or more production types and click Actions > Apply Updates:

  • Product Panel: Click a product and select Apply Updates from the three-dot menu:

  • Product Panel Production tab: Select the Production tab of the product panel and select Apply Updates from the three-dot menu next to the production type you are looking to update:

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Support via chat or email and we will be more than happy to assist.

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