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Job import settings
Job import settings
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When reaching the final step of creating a job, you will see the Import Settings pop-up. The Import Settings pop-up requires that you confirm how you would like the system to handle Samples and Products that already exist in the system.

For Done and Existing products, Creative Force will check within the same Client. When importing a job with products that are already done and exist in that client, you can choose to either Import, Import and deactivate, or Ignore the products.


  • If you have the below settings: All ‘Done products’ will not be imported while the rest of the ‘Existing products’ will be imported.

  • If you have the below settings: All ‘Done products’ will be imported while the rest of the ‘Existing products’ will not be imported.

With Existing samples, you will have the option to either Import, Do not import, and Evaluate each case. When selecting ‘Evaluate each case’. Depending on how many samples you are attempting to import, it may take Creative Force time to scan all of those samples. Once the scanning is completed, you will be asked which samples you want to import.

Depending on the Client-level Sample settings, there will be a specific checking rule when importing Existing Samples.

Whether you’ve decided to have Sample Pooling Enabled or Disabled, it’s important to be aware of the following scenarios:

  • If Pool Samples is disabled, products imported on the same job will share samples.

  • If Pool Samples is enabled, products imported on two different jobs will share samples. Furthermore:

    • If Sample Pooling between Clients is Disabled, the system will only scan for existing samples within the same client.

    • If Sample Pooling within Clients is Enabled, the system will scan for the existing Samples among all clients wherein the sample pool is enabled.

    • If Sample Pooling is enabled between multiple Clients, the system will only scan the latest sample pool.

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