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Failed Asset delivery status
Failed Asset delivery status
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Assets are the most important part of your studio and being informed upfront about any delivery issues will allow you to take prompt actions.

Since August, 2021 we have set up notifications to be sent to the Account Owner for failed asset transfers. While it’s important to notify the account owner for such cases, it’s equally important to consider scenarios where the account owner may be on leave, leaving the rest of the team uninformed.

Therefore, starting December 19th, 2023 we have implemented a new “Failed” step status for Asset Delivery. These ‘failed’ assets will be included in the notification email sent to the Account Owner as well as be shown directly in Gamma and in the Event log.

The notification email sent to the Account Owner will include messages about:

  • Failed asset delivery

  • Failed auto-variants generated

  • Failed metadata written to assets

Learn more about Failed asset delivery message here.

Checking the Event Log, you can see the error details and alert your IT team as well as reach out to our support team for assistance.

You will see the ‘failed’ status at Asset delivery when:

  • Assets cannot be delivered to your delivery location

  • Auto-variant cannot be generated during Asset Delivery

Note: In the case where auto-variants cannot be generated, Creative Force will not retry to redeliver those variants. Please contact our support team for more information.

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