Cropping everywhere to save your precious time! With Creative Force, you can crop the images in these three steps:

  • In Kelvin

  • In Final selection (Gamma)

  • In Photo review (Gamma)

Cropping in Final selection (Gamma)

Similar to Kelvin, you can crop in Gamma. If an image is cropped, we will display a small cropping indicator in the lower right corner of the thumbnail. In the Final selection view, you can adjust the cropping dimensions as needed. You can hit the spacebar to access the full-screen view to crop the image.

Cropping in Photo review (Gamma)

In Photo Review, when you hover over the image, click the ‘Eye icon’ to see the image in full screen, and then you can crop the image as needed. You can also access the full-screen view by hitting the spacebar as well.


Cropping or rotation done in Kelvin can be adjusted in Final Selection and Photo Review in Gamma. The actual crop of the files will be applied to the server before we send the files to the first post-production step.

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