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Display and Alerts Location Guide
Display and Alerts Location Guide

Guide to the Locations Listed in Property Display and Alerts Settings

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Display and Alert settings allow your team to adjust the order of Properties within the different areas of Creative Force as well as set Alerts to ensure important properties are not missed by the team. The guide outline where within Creative you can find each of the locations listed under the Display and Alert Settings. To read more on setting up your display and alert settings check out this article.

Job Properties

Job Panel:

Right slide-in panel from Job Tab

Job Panel:

Left Panel in Job View

Product Properties

Product Panel:

Right Slide-in Panel on the Product Tab

Production Panel:

Right Slide-in Panel on the Production Tab

Product Detail Left Panel:

After Clicking ‘View’ on product panel slide-in, properties will populate on the left panel of the screen.

Assets: Contact Sheet

After creating a contact sheet from a selection of images on the Assets tab, the properties will be located at the top of the page

Preview Overlay

Preview overlay is available after selecting the ‘Eye’ icon.

Kelvin: Confirm Product Dialog

After scanning a product in Kelvin the Confirm Product Dialog will appear with the product’s details

Chroma: Product Panel

Tasks: Final Selection Right Product Panel

Task: Photo Review Product Panel

Task: External Post QC / Internal Post QC Product Panel

Sample Properties

Sample Panels:

Job view (job detail) - By-products or by production type view > Slide-in > Samples Tab

Sample list > Slide-in > Overview Tab

Scan flow > Slide-in > Overview Tab

Scan flow > Slide-in > Related Samples

Product List > Slide-in > Samples tab

Product detail > Samples Tab

Props/Styling Wardrobe > Slide-in > Samples Tab

Asset hub > Slide-in > Samples Tab

Sample Panel:

Editorial Project Detail > Sample List > Slide-in > Overview Tab

Chroma Sample Panel:

Outfit Properties

Edit Outfit Dialog

Kelvin Confirm Outfit Dialog

Editorial Project Properties

Editorial Project Slide-in

Editorial Project Detail Left Panel

Editorial Project: Deliverable Detail Right Panel

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