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Props/ Styling Wardrobe
Props/ Styling Wardrobe

How to keep your styling items visible

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Creative Force allows you to manage styling samples as part of your wardrobe to complete outfits in your studio. You can either import Samples as dedicated wardrobe items, or after products have been shot, make the sample part of the wardrobe.

In Creative Force, these items will be treated as non-production samples and we will put them in Wardrobe where everyone has visibility.

On the Wardrobe page, you can switch between the Filtered View and the Search View. The Filtered View will be similar to the one you see on the Production View where you can change the order of the columns, set filter values, and create and share the view with your teammates. You can also right-click on a sample to see the actions menu.

Below is the Search View, on the left side is the filter section. You can filter the products by Clients and then add more conditions to narrow down what you want.

  • Free text: this will find anything from product code, product name, job code, or sample code

  • Location: where the samples are checked in or checked out

  • State: any, active or inactive samples. If a product is deactivated then the samples associated with it will be deactivated as well.

  • Status: any, backlog, to do, in progress, or done samples

  • Property: filter by property type that you have created

  • Value: the property value that you have created. You can also search by multiple values under one property by clicking the ‘plus’ button. Each value has to be on a separate line.

When you click on the sample, you will see a slide-in that gives you additional information. You will see three tabs: Overview, Styling, and Samples.

When choosing a sample, these are the actions you can take:

  • Edit styling items: edit samples properties

  • Display image: change the display image

  • Delete styling items: this action cannot be undone

  • Event log: see the actions log of this sample

  • Export CSV: download an excel file of what you have filtered

  • Print sample label

As Wardrobe items are basically samples, you can import a list of items to Creative Force. You can keep the file simple with basic info but make sure the ‘Product code’ is mapped then you will be good to go!

After importing the list of samples, you need to assign them to Wardrobe, so Creative Force can identify them as non-production samples.

If the samples are already in Creative Force or they have finished their production, you can switch them into styling items by ‘edit samples’.

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