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How to create sessions and add production tasks
How to create sessions and add production tasks

Planning & Resources add-on module

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Add session

If you have Edit Access for Planning on your assigned User Role, you will be able to create a session.

To create a session, you can hit ‘C’ on your keyboard or click ‘Add session’ either in the top right of the Planning screen or in any empty square within the Calendar. At the time of creation, you must define a Production Type and Schedule - the time and date of the scheduled session can be edited later. All other resources such as Title, Description, Team and Set can be defined later.

Multiple schedules can be added to a session, if the schedules are on different days, different session cards will be created accordingly.

When you click the three-dot menu in the session card, you will be able to:

  • Edit session: The add session window will appear again for you to edit the info

  • Duplicate: All of the data in the session will be copied

  • Delete session

  • Export sample sheet

When adding team members to a session, alerts will appear next to the user's name if they’ve already been assigned to an overlapping Session

You can also edit the session in the session slide-in.

Add production

Production tasks can be added to a session - these are the same production tasks you’ll find in the Production Tab in both Ecom & Editorial.

Adding a Production task to a session allows your studio to pre-plan which tasks are going to be shot against the defined schedule. These tasks can be added to a session, removed from a session, or moved to a different session.

To add production to a session, go to the Production tab in the session slide-in and click ‘Add session’. You will see a slide-in of the Production page with all of its filters. Depending on the production type of the session, you can only add in products of that production type.

To add multiple products in the production, hold SHIFT, select the first product and then select the second product. The products that are in between the two products that you chose, will all be selected.


  • A production item which is the work unit/ deliverable of a product can only be added once to a production.

  • If you reset the product to the latest Style Guide version or reset production of the work unit/ deliverable you once added to production, this work unit will be removed from production.

  • Session cards that have disabled production types will not be displayed on the Planning screen.

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