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Photo review

How to perform photo review in Creative Force

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Photo review is a creative review step, conducted by your team internally, a customer, or an internal stakeholder. In Photo Review, the user can approve the selected images, replace a selected image(s) with an alternative image, or reject an image to then be reshot with comments and markings.

Where to find Photo Review

To access ‘Photo Review’, click on the Tasks tab and choose ‘Photo Review’ in the drop-down menu.

Here you will find a Kanban board with 3 columns "To Do", "Doing", and "Done".

The first column "To Do" contains all the tasks that have not been picked or started yet. Click ‘Pick’ to assign the task(s) to yourself. Then click ‘Start’ to begin the photo review process. The task will now move to the ‘Doing’ column while the review is in progress. Once you finish with the task, it will move to ‘Done’.

Only Account Owner and Admin users are able to release the assigned tasks.

How to review

To see the image in full view, select the image and hit the ‘space bar’. You can also use the crop and rotate function here.

How to approve

To approve the whole suite of images, click "Approve & Continue" in the top right corner and the images will move to the next step in your assigned workflow.

How to reject and add instructions and markings

If you reject any images, you can provide instructions to your team on how to fix the errors. Select the images you want to reject, then click ‘Reject’ in the top right corner.

The mark-up screen will appear. You can leave notes and markings for the team to know why the product was rejected.

When you are done with all your instructions click "Continue" and you are done. The task will no longer be available in the Photo Review task but will be pushed back to the previous step which is Photography.

Note: The maximum number of characters supported in each annotation note and comment is 512 characters.

How to replace an image

If there are images that don’t meet the standard, you can replace those images with an Alt or update the selection by uploading them from your computer.

Please note that you have to allow Alts in your workflow first. The alt images are to be uploaded at the photography step. Another option is to upload images from your computer by clicking ‘Add images’. We support the following file types: JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIF, CR2, CR3, CRW, NEF, NRW, EPS, and PDF.

The system will show you which position has Alt images and the number of Alt images available. Click on the image you would like to replace and hit "Alts". Then, choose the image you would like to use as the replacement and click ‘Switch’.

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