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Text display on Gamma
Text display on Gamma
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Copywriting is an essential part of content creation alongside photo production. Within Gamma, you can have access to both image and text assets.

You can see the text assets from different places in Gamma: either from the Asset tab on the product slide-in but also the Asset page. Please note that Copywriting is an add-on feature, if your instance does not have this feature enabled, it will be hidden.

Text display on the slide-in

On Production and Products page, select an item to trigger the slide-in. Click on the Asset tab and select the step as Copywriting or Copywriting QC or Asset Delivery, you will see the asset of this step.

From here, you can download the text asset via the three-dot menu and preview the text asset via the eye icon.

Text display on Asset page

To see the text asset here, you will need to select the step as either Copywriting, Copywriting QC or Asset delivery. From here, you can double-click on the thumbnail or hit the space bar to view the text asset in fullscreen mode. Right-click on the thumbnail to have more options like show information or download the text in a .csv format.

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