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Move products to another job
Move products to another job
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During production, some products might need to wait for the correct info or further instructions from your clients… which causes them to be pushed to a later stage and cannot be produced in the same job as other current products. Moving these products to another job will save you from manually tracking the progress and giving you the correct statistics for reports later.

On the Products page, you can move a product or multiple products from one or multiple jobs to a different job.

To move a single product to another job, you can select ‘Move Product’ under the three-dot menu in the product slide-in.

To move multiple products to a different job, you can select multiple products, then right-click to access the action menu or use the ‘Actions’ button.

When you select products from the source job that already exists in the target job, those products will not be moved.

You will need to reload the Products page to see the result.


  • It is not possible to move products from and to Auto-synced jobs.

  • Within a job, each product code must be unique.

  • Products can only be moved from and to within the same client.

  • When a primary product is moved, its outfits will be moved accordingly.

  • When a product is moved, its status, samples, and assets will be moved accordingly.

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