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Styling items vs. Wardrobe items
Styling items vs. Wardrobe items
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Within Creative Force, there are product samples, styling item samples and wardrobe styling items. This article will help you to differentiate between each definition and their functions within our system.

Product samples vs Styling item samples

Let’s take a look at the similarities first:

  • Both Product samples and Styling item samples are production samples that are associated with products.

  • These samples can have sample properties.

  • These sample types belong to a specific client, however, these can be shared between clients when pool samples between clients is enabled.

  • You can change the sample type between Product samples and Styling item samples any time.

The difference between these sample types is how they get created and how they are used in production:



Product samples

Created at the time you import the products to the system

Samples you used in production to deliver the final assets

Styling item samples

There are two ways:

  • Created when you manually change the sample type by editing samples. By changing the sample type from Product sample to Styling item sample you create another sample to the imported product (only when doing the change the first time)

  • Created when you import products directly within the Wardrobe page.

These usually are the samples that have finished production. The studio team changes the Product samples to Styling item samples to track the sample sizes, colors, brands..etc and use these in creating different looks and styles.

Wardrobe styling items

Wardrobe styling items can be a prop item or a clothing item you have in your studio. These are products that do not have production data which means these items can not be used as the primary product in an outfit, only as secondary product. The Wardrobe styling items can use product properties as they are considered products.

Wardrobe styling items can be created at the time you import products to the system, however, you will need to map these items with Outfit product property. You can also import the wardrobe styling items directly on the Wardrobe page, you will need to make sure you have the product code as the minimum requirement in your file.

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