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Creating outfits in Gamma
Creating outfits in Gamma

How to style 'Shop the look' with Creative Force

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Creative Force supports “Shop The Look” via our outfits function, providing your customers with a set of items already styled. Creating a styling set requires a lot of back and forth communication but with Outfits, it is possible in a few short steps.

The styling set is called Outfits in Creative Force and there are three places where you can create outfits: Gamma, Kelvin, and Chroma.

  • Create outfits in Kelvin here

  • Create outfits in Chroma here

In Gamma, you can either create outfits manually by adding different products to build your outfits or you can import your predefined outfits while creating jobs from a file.

Create outfits in Gamma manually

You can create outfits via the product slide-in on the Production page, Product page, or Sample page. Click a product or sample, then choose the Styling tab in the slide-in. Click ‘Add outfit’. You will also be able to drag and drop the sorting of the secondary products.

Note: You can have only one Primary product but multiple Secondary products in an outfit.

Depending on your workflow, Creative Force will ask you which production type you want to add the outfit for.

Choose a production type and click ‘Continue’. The Create Outfit box will appear. Click ‘Add’.

After saving your outfit, you can see the items in the Styling tab. The newly added items will be set as a secondary product.

This means that when the primary product is ready to be shot, Creative Force will also inform users that there are secondary products associated with the primary so they can be shot together.

You can also edit the outfit you just created by clicking the 3-dots menu. Please note that you cannot remove the primary product. But you can remove the secondary item or edit outfit properties.

Import predefined outfits in bulk

In order to import your predefined outfits, you must have the minimum required information in your file which are Primary product, Secondary products, and Outfit code. Then, make sure to map those columns from your file to the relevant Data Property in Creative Force.

Note: predefined outfits can only be imported at the time of job import, you cannot create outfits via 'Add products'

  • Primary product = Product Code (Main Product)

  • Secondary products = Product Code (Outfit Product)

  • Outfit code = Outfit Code

Here is an example of how your sheet could look like.

  • The Product code is mapped to Product Code (Main Product). This column contains the primary product.

  • The Product code 2 is mapped to Product Code (Outfit Product). This column contains the secondary products.

  • The Outfit code is mapped to Outfit Code.

The products that are mapped to the Outfit product property that have not existed in the system before, will be imported as styling items which means these items will not have any production data.

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