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Planning overview
Planning overview

Planning & Resources add-on module

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Once you have your Planning & Resources extension add-on activated, you can go to User Roles to set up which permissions are allowed on that specific role. By default, the Administrator team will have the ability to Edit anything on this module.

When adding a Session, you can add a specific user as the Producer. But first, you will need to enable this skill on that user account.


  • Producer skill is optional, as long as you have the correct setup in the User role, you can still access Planning & Resources.

  • Adding a Producer skill, however, will provide visibility for the team and you will eventually be able to filter by Assigned Producer.

Calendar overview

On the left side, you will see the calendar of the current month. The first day of the week will be defined according to the user’s date & time zone settings.

On the right side, you will have the option to:

  • View the complete calendar

  • View the sessions created on each day

  • Choose between the view of ‘4 days’ or ‘week’

  • Dim past sessions

  • Filter the sessions by different values

  • Adjust calendar layout by enabling swimlanes

  • Select session card colors

  • Adjust session card layout

  • Save and/or share the view

Dim past sessions

This will tone down the colors of sessions that are in the past.

Session card colors

Learn more about Session card colors here.

Filter by swimlanes

Besides the default filter which is by Production types, you can filter the sessions by other values as per your preference:

  • None

  • By Production type

  • By Set

  • By Producer

  • By Session property: Only Session properties that have the 'List of Options' type are displayed here. Learn more about property types here.

You can drop 'n drag the session to a different group and the data will be updated accordingly.

When using the swimlanes filtered view, you can see the sessions are separated in a 'grid' view. If there are sessions that do not meet the requirements of the filtered value, sessions are put into 'Undefined' or 'Other' group.

  • Undefined: If a session has an empty or undefined value

  • Other: If a session has a value that does not meet the requirement of the filtered value

Click here to learn about Session card color.


Sessions allow you to assign Production tasks, Users, and Set Locations to a dedicated time frame. This gives your studio the ability to plan and view its production schedule in one place.

On the left side, under the calendar, you can filter your Sessions based on your studio’s available Production Types.

On the right side, all of the existing sessions will appear here. These session cards will be placed in the order of their beginning time slots. You can drag the session to a different day and slot.

When you select a session, the session slide-in will appear from the right-hand side. From here, there are two tabs: overview and production. Under ‘production’, you can add or remove production tasks, and see the detailed status of each product in this session. Under ‘overview’, you will see the following details for each session:

  • Production type

  • Location

  • Timeslot

  • Producer

  • Team

  • Description

Production Volume

You will see the progress bar at three places showing the progress percentage and the number of products.

  • The progress bar on each day will show the production progress of the whole day

  • The progress bar on each session card

  • The progress bar in the session slide-in

Sample Availability

You will see the percentage of checked-in samples for a Session in two places:

  • The circular progress indicator on each session card

  • The circular progress indicator in the Session slide-in on the Production tab.

You can learn more about creating sessions and productions here.

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