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Kelvin - Overview
Kelvin - Overview
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Kelvin is where it all starts, the first step of putting all the images to Creative Force and pushing them through production. You can connect Kelvin to Capture One and transfer the image on the fly and/or connect Kelvin to a local drive and get going!

The first thing is to download Kelvin here. After downloading, please follow the instructions to install the app. And from time to time, we will have new upgrades to the app, so please make sure you don’t miss out on those things by updating Kelvin.

  1. Capture

Here you can see all the images that are ready to be transferred to Gamma - our web application. On this screen, you can already edit images with the cropping feature. Right-click on an image and you will see a menu for different actions.

With a few simple clicks, you can change the display on the capture screen. Here you can choose to show the directory tree of the folder, the file name, filter the images by star rating, or change the thumbnail size.

2. Style Guide

This will help the photography team have an understanding of how you want the images to look, which production types need to be produced, and how many images they need to take.

3. Reference image

Depending on the reference image alert settings, you will see the reference images in this tab when scanning a product to shoot.

4. Transfer

After scanning a product, the selection window will appear on the right side. Here you can save the selection for later and move on to the next product by clicking on the rescan button.

Once you have reached the required number of images, the transfer button will appear. Clicking the ‘transfer’ button will take you to the transfer screen.

You can also leave instructions for the retouching team by clicking on the dot. If you choose to leave instructions, the button will be ‘Continue’. After filling in the instructions, you will see the ‘Transfer’ button on the top right. Click here to learn more about the marking screen in Creative Force.

At the transfer screen, you can see the activity log of all the transfers you have completed. By clicking the 3-dot menu next to a task, you have different options to edit the task.

After the task is stopped, you can then edit the image selections and then decide if you want to leave instructions for which later step.

When Kelvin is transferring images, you can hover over the loading screen to see the tooltip message.

  1. Preparing for Upload: This process is running when Kelvin needs to prepare the data for uploading and wait in queue for the previous task to be finished.

  2. Uploading xx% Completed: Kelvin is uploading one image at a time to the server. The percentage will count up gradually.

  3. Preparing for Complete: Kelvin is preparing annotations and marking data of the task.

  4. Completed: The transfer process is completed.

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