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How to update HUE and Kelvin
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From time to time we will roll out new updates that include new features and new upgrades for HUE and Kelvin. And to make sure that you won’t miss out on that news, this article will show you how to update HUE and Kelvin.

Please note that the 'Admin password' will be needed to accept the updated packages.

Update HUE

On Windows

If HUE needs an update, a small blue exclamation mark next to the Creative Force logo will appear.

To update HUE, click ‘Help’ -> ‘About HUE’

The below box will pop up. HUE will check if there are any new updates. If yes, HUE will automatically download and update itself.

Please make sure to tick the box ‘Automatically download updates and install on exit’ so you can always be on the latest version.

On Mac

Click ‘HUE’ -> About HUE.

The download box will pop up. The message will show ‘HUE is up to date’ if you already are on the latest version.

Update Kelvin

On Windows

Similar to updating HUE, go to ‘Help’ -> ‘About Kelvin’

A popup box will appear. If Kelvin is already on the latest version, the message will show ‘Kelvin is up to date’. If not, Kelvin will download the latest version itself and you can install it.

On Mac

Go to Kelvin -> About Kelvin

The pop up will show if you are on the latest version. If not, the download will start automatically.

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