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Kelvin V5 upcoming features
Kelvin V5 upcoming features
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Following our upgrade with Kelvin V5, there will be more exciting new features coming over the next few months with it!

Planned session

As stated in our Kelvin V5 article, on our Shot list panel, the Planned session will be available. This is connected to our Planning & Resources module. You can read more about it here. If you don't have Planning & Resources enabled in your studio, this option will be hidden in Kelvin.

Planned sessions dialog will automatically show the session available for the day or you can select a different one in the calendar.

After clicking 'Start Session', you will be in the "connected mode" which means every product/sample you scan directly in Kelvin that is not yet available in that session, will be added now.


  • Within a shot list view, all the scanned barcodes must be in the same production type. Kelvin will automatically confirm the products.

  • Switching between these shot list views will reset the current active shot list which means it will remove all of the history scans.

  • When you scan a sample that is in a different shooting type, Kelvin will ask you to confirm if you would like to proceed with it. If you select ‘Continue’, the current active session scope will be reset, and all of the scanned barcodes will be removed.

Automation settings (coming soon)

Depending on your workflow, you can select auto-map for Pre-selection or Position Based Selection.

  1. Position Based Selection

This is compatible with the Final Selection within Kelvin or Pre-selection by positions under your workflow.

Within this option you can select:

  • Automap to positions (by filename): Kelvin will automatically map the images according to the asset naming you have set up for each position in the Style guide. In order for this to work, you cannot use the following merge fields in the asset output name: “Recurrence Index”, “Date”, “Datetime”, “Production Sequence Number”, “Sequence Number”, “Production Sequence Letter”, “Sequence Letter” and “Sample Code”.

  • Map remaining as “non-selects”: This only works if your workflow is set up as Pre-selection by positions. After the required number of images have been mapped to the positions, all the remaining images will be marked as ‘non-selects’.

2. Pre-selection

Within this option, you can Assign all images for transfer. Kelvin will check all the filenames that include the scanned barcodes and assign the images to the product. There will be a small icon on the top-left corner of images that have been mapped.

Selecting a barcode in the left panel, Kelvin’s watch folder is instantly filtered with the selected barcode to look for corresponding images. If the style guide requirements for that product are met, you can choose to transfer the images manually.

Note: If you don’t choose to save the selection, the mapped images will be removed when:

  • Restart computer

  • Switching the session scope

  • Restart Kelvin

  • Log out/ in Kelvin

Auto-transfer (coming soon)

Auto-transfer can be selected at the same time with automap or separately without selecting auto-map. You can manually select the images and drag them into the selection area. Then, wait for the auto-transfer to take action.

Note: If you have auto-transfer enabled, you will not be able to put in instructions for the task.

The auto-transfer will happen when a task meets all the below requirements:

  • The task is fulfilled and ready to be transferred

  • There is no action in that task within three seconds

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