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Cropping and rotation in Kelvin
Cropping and rotation in Kelvin

Quick image editing actions

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Cropping everywhere to save your precious time! With Creative Force, you can crop the images in these three steps:

Cropping in Kelvin

Traditionally, you would do the cropping at capture stage stopping you from taking other images until this is done. You can now focus on selecting the correct images and then do the cropping later in Kelvin.

Cropping in Kelvin is available by switching to Cropping Mode. This is done at the top of the screen or by hitting C on the keyboard. You can return to Selection Mode by hitting V on the keyboard.

Here you have the option to set any cropping dimension you like, reuse or pick from dimensions used on your account presets. Setting scope (scanning a barcode) will limit the list of presets and also show specifically used presets on the style guide.

Cropping is applied by clicking and dragging across the image. Rotation is applied by grabbing just outside the corner handles. Right click to remove the previous actions or simple as Ctrl + Z.

You can also do the cropping while in fullscreen view by choosing an image and hitting the spacebar. The crop button will be on the top of the screen.


Cropping and rotation in Kelvin work with the following file types: 'JPG', 'JPEG', 'PNG', 'TIF', 'TIFF'.

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