Kelvin for Editorial Projects

How to use Kelvin for Editorial Projects

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If you are familiar with using Kelvin for the E-comm module of Creative Force, then using Kelvin for your Editorial projects will feel familiar. Kelvin is useful for uploading images to your project in Editorial. Whether capturing live or uploading assets from an external or network drive, the process couldn’t be easier.

Scanning Project and Deliverable Barcodes

Your team will need to decide whether they would like to upload a suite of images as a batch to the project as a whole, or as smaller batches directly to individual deliverables. If you are a photographer on set, you’ll need to obtain a Project Sheet or Creative Brief that contains a project barcode and barcodes for each deliverable within the project from your Producer. You can read more about project sheets here and Creative Briefs here.

Upload Images to a Project

If your team has decided to upload all images to the project and wait to assign the images to deliverables in Gamma, then you can begin the process by scanning the Project Barcode on your Project Sheet. The Project code can also be manually entered into the scan field. From here, you’ll simply drag and drop all applicable images into the upload window and hit “transfer”. Once transferred, the images will be in your product under Components > Project Images ready to be assigned to deliverables.

Upload images to a Deliverable

To upload and assign images to deliverables in Kelvin, you have two options. The first is to scan a deliverable barcode from the project sheet and drag and drop images directly to the individual deliverable.

The second option is to first scan or manually enter the project code, then manually select the deliverable to which you’ll upload the images.

When transferring assets directly to a deliverable, you have the option to add notes and instructions. Simply mark the assets for instruction using the Instructions icon and click continue. You'll then be brought to the instructions and markings screen where you can share instructions with both the Internal and External Post teams.

Once transferred, the images will be available in your project in Gamma via Components > Project Images, as well as accessible in each of the respective deliverables.

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