In this article, I'll describe the basic steps required to complete the Final Selection of required images on the set and in Kelvin.

Identify the product you are about to shoot by entering the product or sample code. You can do this by scanning the barcode on the sample label or manually entering the code into the blue box on the right side of the Capture screen.

Click 'Confirm' to verify that the physical product to you are about to shoot matches the product displayed in Kelvin

Kelvin will now display the Style Guide positions, and will indicate the number of shots required for each position. 

Shoot the product ensuring you have captured images for each of the required positions.

Develop your selected images - there is no need to manually add a file name.
You will see these images appear in the capture screen within Kelvin

Drag your chosen image(s) for each position into the Style Guide on the right side panel. You can also drag other viable options for each position into the ‘Alts’ bucket for that position.


Only images that have fully loaded thumbnails can be selected in the positions. This is to avoid dragging an incorrect image.

Once all of the mandatory images have been added to the Style Guide positions - you'll see a green tick replaces the exclamation mark when a position is fulfilled -  you can hit the 'Transfer' button to upload the images.

To send instructions to Post-Production, check the 'Radio button'. 

You will then move to the 'Mark up' page where you can add instructions and markings to the images. On the left, you can find all the tools to make your markings. You will also be able to see the images in hi-resolution and designate which notes to which marking by setting the colors.

You can repeat this process with the next product whilst the images are uploading in the background.


And of course, below are the shortcuts to help you ease through the tasks.

Select: V

Draw: B

Line: L

Triangle: P

Rectangle: R

Ellipse: O

Text: T

Close the task: Esc

Move to the instruction box: Tab

Save the instructions: Cmd/Ctrl + Enter

Reverse the last step: Cmd/Ctrl + Z

Reverse the last undo: Cmd/Ctrl + Y

Zoom in: Cmd/Ctrl +

Zoom out: Cmd/Ctrl -

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