It's now possible to install Kelvin and Hue to be available for all Creative Force Users, irrespective of them having a dedicated user account on the workstation.

User definitions

  • Local user - The user that is logged in to the workstation.

  • Creative Force user - The user that has been created via Creative Force. 

Before you get started, please be aware:

  • Administrator permission are required to Install and update the apps for all local users

  • Each local user can login to all different Creative Force users as long as they have the user credentials. 

  • The applications will be installed on the workstation for all local users to use. 

How to move from single local user to all local user installation

  1. Firstly, and to avoid data conflicts, please uninstall all instances of the apps for all local users on the workstation. 

  2. Install the latest app versions, ensuring you select the 'install for all user of this computer' option.  Download the latest versions here.

  3. Following the installation, please restart the app and login. 

New Workspace logic

The workspace folder is now related to the local user, not the Creative Force user. Each local user will have one workspace folder which contains the data for all Creative Force users who access the apps via that local user.

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