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Our Orbitvu Connector allows you to connect Creative Force to your Orbitvu machine to help streamline your studio processes. This article will walk you through the steps of getting it set up and starting to use it.

The Orbitvu Connector is available for all accounts but you will need to enable it first.


Set up on Creative Force

To enable Orbitvu connection, go to Studio Settings and then Connectors to switch it on:

Click on “Enable”

Once it has been enabled, you will be able to create “Orbitvu” production types that can be linked to your Orbitvu machine. You may want to have separate production types for each of the Orbitvu machines.

Set up in Orbitvu

In order to connect your Orbitvu Machine to Creative Force, you will need to register it as an app and share those credentials with the Orbitvu Machine. It is best for someone with an IT/Development background to do these steps. You will need to create separate apps for each of your Orbitvu machines.

Go to Studio settings -> Integrations -> Register Apps

  1. Click “REGISTER APP”.

  2. Choose Client Credentials or Authorization Code for Allowed Grant Type. Click here to learn more about Client Credentials and Authorization Code

  3. Enter an application name and description.

  4. Choose a user that the Application will be on behalf of. You can create a new user if needed. The application will use that user’s permissions, role and group, but not the password or token of that user.

Once this is done, go to your Orbitvu Machine then -> Preferences -> Upload -> Creative Force. You can then paste in:

  • Application ID

  • Secret Key

  • Production Type ID (May need to complete the below first)

The Orbitvu machine and CF will now be connected.

Setting up Orbitvu Production Types & Enabling them Workflows

Once you have enabled the connector within your Creative Force Instance and registered applications for each of your machines, you can then start setting up Orbitvu production types.

Creating Orbitvu Production Types

Once the connector has been abled within Creative Force, you can then start creating Orbitvu production types to be used.

Going to General Settings then “Add Production Type”

From there, when adding the production type, select “Orbitvu” as the “Production Type Catagory”

From there, you can copy the “Production Type ID” to the Orbitvu Machine’s credentials to connect the two, and assign the production type to the relevant workflow’s and Style Guides.

Enabling an Orbitvu Production Type on a Workflow

When connecting an Orbitvu production type to a Workflow, you will see it as a separate category:

You will want to select it alongside any other production type that you want for that workflow.

Note that for Orbitvu production types, Final Selection must be done on Gamma, and can not be done by the Orbitvu machine.

From there, on a Style Guide level, it functions the same as other production types. Learn more here on Style Guide setups.

You can also learn more about the setup on Orbitvu side here.

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