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How to connect to Looklet

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There are different ways that you can bring images to Creative Force, by using our native apps like Kelvin or Vendor Portal. We also welcome other possibilities to give you flexibility.

Looklet integration will bring you the best of both worlds minimizing the manual work and facilitating a streamlined flow.

This article will run through the steps to set up the Looklet integration within Gamma.

Enable the connector

Step 1: Enable Connectors in “Studio Settings -> Connectors”

Step 2: Register Looklet application in Gamma

  • Go to Studio Settings -> Integrations -> Registered Apps and click ‘Register App’

  • Select ‘Client Credentials’ in “Allowed Grant Type”

  • Fill in Application Name / Description / On Behalf User

    • The user here must have permission to ‘Access’ Developer API. Read more about user roles here.

    • The user must have access to the client's products. Read more about the user groups here.

  • After clicking ‘Save’, you will get the “Application ID” and “Secret Key” which you will need to share with the Looklet Team.

Set up the integration

Once the connector is enabled, hover over Looklet and click 'Edit'.

You will see the setup screen appear. Here, you can set up how the Date Time format, and the Property value are passed from Creative Force to Looklet.

Click here to learn how to use Looklet within Gamma.

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