When submitting images, your vendor will have the option to automatically map the images to their corresponding positions as defined in your Style guide.

However, in order to have this function work effectively, you as a studio person need to set it up first hand before the vendor starts uploading images.

  1. Look for material number in file name: You will need to put in the material code under product property 'Vendor material code'. Your vendor will then be able to auto map to the positions (sorted alphabetically).

With this option, under Style guide, you will need to set the image range count of each position correctly. When the first position reaches the correct amount of images requested, the system will move to the next position and so on.

2. Look for product code in file name: You will need to provide your vendor with the product codes for them to name the files. Your vendor will then be able to map the images to the products.

3. Look for exact file name match: With this option, your vendor will be able to auto map to the positions. In order for this to work, you cannot use the following merge fields in the asset output name: “Recurrence Index”, “Date”, “Datetime”, “Position Sequence Number”, “Production Sequence Number” and “Sequence Number”.

Sample code should not be used in this instance as Creative Force only assigns the sample code to a product once the Photography step is done. As using the vendor portal is an alternative option to in-house Photography, Creative Force cannot verify the sample code at this step.

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