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People usually say if things are working then just leave them be, but here at Creative Force, we innovate them to make them even better! Kelvin v5 is the definition of ‘we don’t take creativity lightly’.

This big upgrade of Kelvin v5 will bring you incredible new features that can improve your ways of working from scanning barcodes, searching images, easy ingesting images to displaying the product images and more.

In this article, we will go through all the upgrades in Kelvin v5 in detail:

- Kelvin’s new UI

- Kelvin shot list panel

- Kelvin connection with Capture One

Kelvin’s new interface

First thing first, Kelvin’s new look! Kelvin’s view is separated into three sections. On the left, you will see the Shot List panel. In the middle, you will see the Watch folder’s view, and on the right is the Selection panel.

On the Watch folder’s view, you will see two new settings, either Set Watch Folder or Search Image by filename.

There’s more! You can now drag images from your local drive to Kelvin’s watch folder.

Kelvin shot list panel

Within this panel, there are three menus. Clicking the three-dot menu, you can select ‘clear the shot list’. Next to this menu, you will see different settings you can select to start working on your shoot of the day.

  1. Shot list views

  2. Automation settings (coming soon)

Shot list view

There are three different shot list views: single scan, paste a list, and planned session (coming soon).

Default view

By default, the view will be a single scan view. Scan a barcode to load the Style Guide requirements and start shooting. The Shot list will build up with every scan you make. Kelvin will automatically confirm the product unless your product is on multiple jobs and/or has multiple samples, Kelvin will wait for your confirmation. Once you confirm the product, you will be able to drag and drop the images to the selection area and transfer them.

If you don’t want to produce the current product, click ‘Rescan’ and scan a new product. The scanned barcodes will be available under ‘Scope history’. You can select between these barcodes and start dragging in images and transferring them manually. Access the three-dot menu to clear the history if you want.

If there is an image mapped to a position, you will immediately see a thumbnail next to the product in the list view.

Paste a list

Click the ‘plus’ icon, and select ‘Paste a list’, you can also use Cmd/ Ctrl + L as a shortcut to this setting.

You can manually define a shot list by pasting a list of barcodes. Each line should only contain a single barcode.

Kelvin connection with Capture One

The integration can never be easier, click the Capture One icon and then ‘Connect’.

After allowing the connection to be integrated, you will see the following settings:

  • Capture One Session

  • Session Favorite

Note: Kelvin V5 supports Capture One 20+ and only works on Mac.

Capture One session

Your current active session in Capture One will be auto-populated in Kelvin. You can select other sessions within the drop-down menu.


  • The sessions that are in the same level folder as your current active session will be available here.

  • Kelvin will display up to ten sessions in the drop-down menu according to the latest modified date.

Session Favorite

When enabled, the Next Capture Naming will be validated.

Within Kelvin, in order for the Next Capture Naming to be valid, you will need to set the following:

  • Format: must only include ‘Name’ field from Capture One

  • Name: must only include ‘Barcode’ field from Capture One Scan Barcode

These settings are crucial to generate the Auto-map and Auto-transfer within Kelvin.

Note: In order to use Auto-map and Auto-transfer, you will need to disable the Barcode tool if you are using Capture One Enterprise.

Barcode listener

When Kelvin is the active application, Creative Force will wait for scanned barcodes and save the samples in the session scope. You will see a list of the samples you have in this session.

When Capture One is the active application, you can use the scanner to scan the barcode directly into the Name field under Next Capture Naming. This scanned barcode will be used to name the session favorite and name a sub-folder within the session’s capture folder.

We are not stopping here! There are more exciting features going to be released with Kelvin V5, you can read more here!

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