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Capture One Integration: Reversible Cropping
Capture One Integration: Reversible Cropping
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Reversible Cropping in Kelvin gives your team the flexibility to restore the original dimensions of an image and adjust an image's rotation or crop even after an image has been cropped, rotated, and output from Capture One.

To enable Reversible Cropping, first navigate to your Capture One settings in Kelvin by clicking the Capture One logo on the center-left of the top toolbar and selecting the wheel icon or by clicking the three-dot menu in the lower right-hand corner.

Once in the Capture One tab under Kelvin settings, you’ll want to ensure that the Reversible Cropping toggle is set to “enabled”.

The last step in this process is to navigate to your Export Adjustments tab within Capture One and ensure that the Crop field is set to “Ignore Crop”. Selecting “Respect Crop” will make any cropping performed in Capture One permanent regardless of your Capture One settings in Kelvin.

One final note to keep in mind is that Reversible Cropping only functions when shooting to a session vs. a catalogue in Capture One.

You are now ready to use reversible cropping in Kelvin!

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