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Capture One Integration: Backup Assistant
Capture One Integration: Backup Assistant
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The Backup Assistant allows Kelvin to help manage the back-up process of images. You can select where you would like your backup folder to be, as well as define the folder structure that will be applied.

To set up your back-up folder, first navigate to your Capture One settings in Kelvin by clicking the Capture One logo on the center-left of the top toolbar and selecting the wheel icon or by clicking the three-dot menu in the lower right hand corner.

From there, navigate to the Capture One tab within the Kelvin settings window and scroll down to the Backup Assistant Section and toggle the switch to enable Back-up Assistant. In the first field select the desired location for your back-up folder, it is recommended that this be an external hard drive/network drive or a local drive.

The next field is where you are able to use merge field tokens to define your back-up folder structure. These tokens can pull product information from Gamma and allow you to organize files by properties like product code, job code, client among many others.

In the next step, you’ll want to define your unknown scope file handling. Occasionally when a photographer begins shooting a product before it has been scanned into Kelvin, the file name will contain “Unknown Scope”, Kelvin will alert the team when this has happened so they are able to catch up and in order ensure the back-up of these files it is recommended to select “back-up with next” so that these images are backed-up with the next product scanned into Kelvin and no product imagery is lost.

Finally as a last step, you have the ability to add Metadata rules to your back-up files. To add your metadata rules navigate to the metadata rules button below “Metadata for Backup Files”, once the window appears select “Add Rules” and enter in your desired metadata information.

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