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Kelvin - Settings
Kelvin - Settings
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Kelvin is where it all starts, the first step of putting all the images to Creative Force and pushing them through production. You can connect Kelvin to Capture One and transfer the image on the fly and/or connect Kelvin to a local drive and get going!

The first thing is to download Kelvin here. After downloading, please follow the instructions to install the app. And from time to time, we will have new upgrades to the app, so please make sure you don’t miss out on those things by updating Kelvin.

Kelvin settings

Kelvin settings can be accessed by clicking the bottom left 3-dot menu.

Here you have 4 parts:

  • General

  • Workspace

  • External applications

  • Proxy


  • You can choose to stay on the capture screen or move on to the transfer screen after clicking ‘Transfer’.

  • You can choose if you want Kelvin to ask for confirmation of a product or outfit.

  • You can choose the idle time to have a higher security level in Kelvin.


We strongly recommend that you create a folder in your local drive for Kelvin to function effectively. This folder should not be altered at any point during production.

If you are worried that the folder might take up too much space, you can choose the time range to keep the transfer and the saved selection history.

External Applications

Currently, you can connect Kelvin to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge. Just show Kelvin the correct folder paths and you are good to go.


Once you have selected the application path, it is not possible to change it after. You will need to delete this folder {workspace_folder}/application/application-settings-v2.kelvin, restart Kelvin then it will be possible to select a new application here.


This is where you control how Kelvin connects to the Internet. This is typically only needed for specific IT setups. Consult with your IT team as required to configure these settings.

Kelvin display settings

  • Order by: Either Filename or File created date/time

  • Show folders: Displays all folders within the watch folder

  • Separate bursts by space: Kelvin will separate images into groups depending on your choice and leave a space between groups. You can trigger the separation by time, for example: every 30 seconds and up to every 60 seconds

  • Transferred file: you can choose to Display them normally, tone them down or choose to have no display at all.

  • Show hidden files

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