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How to Manually Uninstall Kelvin and Hue
How to Manually Uninstall Kelvin and Hue

Guide to fully uninstall Kelvin and Hue

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If the Working Folder of Kelvin or the Workspace Folder for Hue has been tampered with or corrupted or you need to fully reinstall Kelvin or Hue for other various reasons, you may first need to completely uninstall the programs from your machine. The following article will guide you through the process to fully uninstall Kelvin and Hue from your machine.

In the graphics below I’ll be using Hue as our example, however, the necessary steps are almost identical for both Kelvin and Hue. There is one additional step required for Hue which I will demonstrate at the end.

One important point to note - when uninstalling Kelvin or Hue the standard way by dragging and dropping the applications into the trash you will be uninstalling the main components of the programs, however, there will be certain components remaining that will need to be removed in order for Kelvin and Hue to be completely reset

Step One: Delete the Program Folder

Depending on where the applications were originally installed, you will either need to locate and delete Kelvin or Hue on a specific user level or the machine as a whole for all users.

The following folder paths will guide you to the location of the program folder for each scenario:

  1. MacOS:

    • Per user installation

      • Kelvin: /Users/{user_name}/Applications/

      • HUE: /Users/{user_name}/Applications/

    • All users installation

      • Kelvin: /Applications/

      • HUE: /Applications/

  2. Windows:

    • Per user installation

      • Kelvin: C:\Users\{user_name}\AppData\Local\Programs\Kelvin

      • HUE: C:\Users\{user_name}\AppData\Local\Programs\HUE

    • All users installation

      • Kelvin: C:\Program Files\Creative Force Apps\Kelvin

      • HUE: C:\Program Files\Creative Force Apps\HUE

Step Two: Delete the Program Data Folder

The next will be deleting the Program Data Folder, again you’ll want to follow the folder paths outlined below for your specific set-up to locate the program data folder, it can then be dragged to the trash to be deleted.

  1. MacOS:

    • Kelvin: /Users/{user_name}/Library/Application Support/Kelvin

    • HUE: /Users/{user_name}/Library/Application Support/HUE

  2. Windows:

    • Kelvin: C:\Users\{user_name}\AppData\Roaming\Kelvin

    • HUE: C:\Users\{user_name}\AppData\Roaming\HUE

Tip: Occasionally some of the folders may be hidden, which can make them tricky to find - in order to locate a hidden folder you will need to follow the folder path until you cannot see the next folder in the path, from here you will need to select cmd + Shift + . (period) which will reveal hidden folders. Hidden folders will appear greyed out, but should still be able to click into them. Once you have revealed the hidden folders, continue following the path for each folder.

Step 3: Delete the Program Cache Folder (Mac Only)

Step three is for Mac users only. Windows users can skip ahead to Step 4 if you are deleting Hue as well. For Mac users, you will search with the Library > Caches folder to locate the folders below:

  1. MacOS:

    • Kelvin: /Users/{user_name}/Library/Caches/

    • HUE: /Users/{user_name}/Library/Caches/com.creativeforce.hue

For Hue Only:

Step 4: Delete the Photoshop Extension Folder

Step 4 and 5 are only necessary when attempting to uninstall Hue. Follow the folder path below to delete the Hue Photoshop Extension folder:

  1. MacOS: /Users/{user_name}/Library/Application Support/CEP/com.creativeforce.hue.panel

  2. Windows:C:\Users\{user_name}\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CEP\extensions\com.creativeforce.hue.panel

Step 5: Delete the Photoshop Extension Versioning File (for Hue only)

Finally, to complete the uninstallation of Hue, follow the folder path below to delete the Hue Photoshop Extension Versioning File:

  1. MacOS: /Users/{user_name}/Library/Application Support/CEP/.hueversioning

  2. Windows: C:\Users\{user_name}\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CEP\.hueversioning

Reinstalling Hue and Kelvin

If you’d like to start fresh and reinstall the programs, you can visit for the latest versions.

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