We now bring the mark-up interface that we use in Editorial to the Ecom world! Leaving instructions or explaining rejections now is much more detailed and advanced with more functionality.

You can find this interface while making instructions or rejections in Final Selection, Photo Review, Internal Post QC, and External Post QC.

In Final Selection/ Photo Review

Leaving instructions or rejecting products, you will have the same interface. On the left, you can find all the tools to make your markings. You will also be able to see the images in hi-resolution and designate which notes to which marking by setting the colors.

In Internal Post QC/ External Post QC

Other than the above functionalities, when rejecting a product in the QC task, you will be able to see the history of the product.


And of course, below are the shortcuts to help you ease through the tasks.

Select: V

Draw: B

Line: N

Triangle: P

Rectangle: R

Ellipse: O

Text: T

Close the task: Esc

Reload the task: Cmd/Ctrl + Enter

Reverse the last step: Cmd/Ctrl + Z

Reverse the last undo: Cmd/Ctrl + Y

Zoom in: Cmd/Ctrl +

Zoom out: Cmd/Ctrl -

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