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Post Review step in Editorial

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Post review in Editorial serves as an additional review step within your Editorial workflows. While QC steps allow you to ensure your assets meet technical specifications and requirements, the Post Review step focuses more on the Creative and Stylistic aspects of your assets and allows the team to gain a more holistic overview of the deliverables and project as a whole to ensure all assets align with the intended Creative Direction.

Post Review is a great place to allow for individual, team and stakeholder feedback and collaboration and offers a space for the team to hone in on the Creative Execution. Let’s take a look at how it works!

User Settings and Permissions

The first step in getting started with Post Review is adjusting the user settings for those who will be executing the Post Review step. Head to Studio Settings > Users > Edit User and you will see the Post Review skill under the Stake Holder section

Please note:

  • Only users who have the Post Review skill can perform Post Review.

  • Only users who have the Post Review skill can view the Post Review Kanban screen

Adding a Post Review Step to the Workflow

In your Finalization workflows, a Post Review step can be added as a step right after:

  • Internal Post step

  • External Post step

  • Internal Post QC step

  • External Post QC step

Additionally, you are able to add any of the following steps after a Post Review step in a finalization workflow:

  • Internal Post

  • External Post

  • Asset Delivery

Adding Post Review works just the same as adding other steps in the workflow. You can Add Step from the ‘+’ symbol within the Workflow steps:

Additionally, you can add an Owner, simply select “Anyone” and search for the username.

Note: Only users with the “Post Review” skill can be assigned as an Owner for a Post Review step.

Post Review Kanban Screen

Users with the Post Review will see Post Review added as an option under the Tasks tab. Clicking Post Review will take you to the Post Review Kanban screen

From within the Kanban screen, you are able to sort, filter and Pick and Unpick tasks

From within the Post Review task, you have the following options:

  1. Use a slider to control the size of the thumbnails

  2. Use tools from the left toolbar

    • Color picker

    • Show crop overlay

    • Change background color

    • Show reference images

  1. Filter variants

2. Mark images for rejection via Right-click > Mark for Rejection

3. Download assets from Actions menu or Right-click image and select Download (shown above)

In the editorial Post Review task, you can also:

  • Toggle to “Reveal in Project” this allows you to view the images and compare them against other images assigned to the same Project

  • Creative Force displays the most current version of all the latest images of the Finalization Workflow of the Deliverable in the current project

From this screen, you also have the option to Show or Hide Badges. Badges include filename, deliverable name, and current step

Completing Post Review Step

If no rejections are needed, simply press “Continue” and the images will move forward to the next step in the Finalization Worklfow.

When images have been marked for Rejection and the task is Continued you will be brought to the rejection screen. From here, you are able to view History, add mark-ups and instructions

Important: After markup are complete, press continue. When at least 1 image in a Post Review task is rejected, then reject back to the last preceding post-production step.

Note: The maximum number of characters supported in each annotation note and comment is 512 characters.

Resetting Production to Post Review

When a reset back to a Post Review step takes place, the

  • Post Review step status reverts back to To Do

  • Post Review task assets will revert output from the previous finalization workflow step

  • Post Review task assignee will revert back to anyone

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