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Rejections in Post Review (Coming soon)
Rejections in Post Review (Coming soon)

How to process rejections in Post Review

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We’ve made managing rejections in Post Review an easy and flexible process, read on to learn how rejections are handled at the Post Review step.

In Post Review, the task owner will be notified once a decision maker has selected to Reject or Approve the suite of images. Once the task owner is notified of the decisions made, then they can go into the Post Review task and review the feedback. From this point, the task owner has the option to continue the discussion with reviewers within the comments tab, or they can interpret the feedback and decide which images will be rejected for rework.

To view whether the decision maker approved or rejected the suite of images, click their avatar to the left of the Share button:

Reminder: the decision maker's action (whether approving or rejecting a suite of images) is to inform the task owner of the stakeholders' definitive decision about the suite of images, but will not automatically move the suite to the next step in the workflow. The task owner is still required to mark images that require rework for rejection or push the suite of images forward in the workflow.

To mark an image for rejection, simply right-click the image and select ‘Mark for Rejection’ from the dropdown options. Once you’ve marked all images you would like to reject, press ‘Continue’

You will then be brought to the Rejections screen. On the right side under the Rejecitons tab, the task owner can add new rejection reasons and add mark-ups.

Navigate to the Comments tab to view comments left by reviewers at the Post review step.

From here, you have the option of promoting comments to include them as rejection reasons by clicking the ‘promote’ that appear when hovering over individual comments:

Once promoted, the comment will appear under the Rejections tab, where the task owner can edit the rejection reason for further clarity as needed:

Please note that comments that are not promoted to rejection reasons will not be sent to post-production.

Note: The maximum number of characters supported in each annotation note and comment is 512 characters.

Once the task owner has completed their rejections, press ‘Continue’. When at least 1 image in a Post Review task is rejected, then reject back to the last preceding post-production step.

After the post-review task status moves to Done (approved) or status: Rejected, the portal will become view-only. Invited users can access it, but no further comments/markings/decisions can be made at that stage.

After edits have been made by post-production and the post-review task moves back to in-progress, invited users will use the same shared link to access the revised assets.

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