To access the Workflow settings, browse to the main menu in the top right corner and click on 'Workflows'. 

Click on the 'Add Workflow' button to create a new workflow or select an existing Workflow to edit from the list displayed. Then select the 'Photography' section.

Workflows: Photography

Production Types

In the first section of  Photography, you can define the production types (sets) that you will use to produce. The selection made here will define the production types displayed in any Style Guide this workflow is associated with.

Final Selection

Define where the final suite of images will be selected, by chosen production type. You can choose to make this selection in Kelvin (on the set) or in Gamma (anywhere with web access).
You can also decide if the photography team can upload a range of alternative shots.

If Final Selection is defined to take place in Gamma, you are also presented with the 'Pre-Selection by position' option. Choosing this option will allow the photography team to provide a range of images for each Style Guide position. Read more about Style Guide positions here

Photo Review

Via Photo Review, you can set up a final review of the selected images prior to moving into the post-production phase of the process. 

You have the option to review all style guide positions, only the Hero position or a custom selection of positions. For the 'Custom' option, the positions to be reviewed are activated in the associated Style Guide. Read more about setting up positions for Photo Review in Style Guides here.

As a default, Photo Review is set to 'Custom' and is inactive.

Colour Matching

Enabling the colour matching option presents the photography team with a mandatory colour reference position in Kelvin. The image uploaded in this position is presented to post-production as the colour target for the product.
Where multiple production types are present, the colour reference is automatically requested when the first production takes place.
Read about setting up the colour reference naming convention here.

The default option for Colour Matching is 'disabled'

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