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January 16th – Sprint 144 Release Notes
January 16th – Sprint 144 Release Notes

Bi-weekly software updates

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Happy reading on sprint release day! 🎉

Accelerate Productivity With The New Bulk Actions Panel

We are excited to announce a slew of updates for our post-production users!

With the latest version of our post-production application, Hue, we’ve introduced the ability to run Photoshop Actions, fan out variants, or export images across all of your open tasks - In one go! We call this the Bulk Actions Panel.

Create variants like never before

The new Bulk Fan-Out feature provides an overview of all variants across all open tasks, and makes it easy for you to create specific variants or fan out everything.

Export images from different tasks with ease

The new Bulk Export feature lets you manage export settings for all of your open files and easily apply export settings from one image to all other images of the same file type.

Upload and finish multiple tasks

We know how common it is for retouchers to work on several tasks simultaneously. Now you can upload them all with a single click of a button.

Run your favorite actions across multiple images

With the new Bulk Actions Panel, you can also apply Photoshop Actions across a selection of your images. Simply select an Action, the images you want to apply the Action to, and Hue does the rest.

For more information on the Hue Panels and how to set them up, please have a look at this article.

Get Everyone on the Same Page Using Session Card Colors


Session Card Colors allow the user to assign colors to sessions in the Planning Calendar based on rules. Colors can automatically be displayed based on:

  • Set Location

  • Production Type

  • Session Property (note: only for list-type properties)

With Session Card Colors, users can select a Studio-wide color scheme for consistent team-wide communication or create their own saved color-scheme for personal organization.

Users with edit permissions can manually assign a color to a session, overriding all color rules for all users in the calendar. This way, important shoots can be clearly visualized across teams at once.


Getting everybody on the same page is at the heart of the Planning Calendar. With Session Card Colors, studios can establish consistent color schemes to obtain an at-a-glance understanding of Session sets, readiness, or other information crucial to the studio.

At the same time, producers can use personal color schemes in combination with Swimlanes to quickly update and maintain their Sessions by dragging to update the planned set, session properties, or production types.

Other Improvements


  • When using the post-production model ‘Outsourcing with exception handling’, the Product slide-in will only show Internal Post and Internal Post QC when in use.

  • Planning Overview report added to Insights for studios with Planning enabled.

  • Condensed Planning Calendar header when scrolling.

  • We now support DUO for Single Sign-On.


  • New fan-out settings in Hue enable users to apply automatic scaling and centering of images when variants are created with the Duplicates method.

  • On the original Hue Task Panel, we added a new button called FAN OUT ALL that creates variants for all images of the selected task.


  • Kelvin now saves user preferences for shot lists and folder view, ensuring continuity across sessions.

Bugs Fixed

  • Gamma: Fixed an issue where the help chat was not working if a pop-up was open.

Questions, ideas or feedback?

We're always striving to create the best product for you and your team! Feel free to drop us a line via email/chat, or submit your ideas and feedback directly to our product team via

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