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Differences and use cases for property types

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Properties are a way that you can add more data to different areas of your Creative Force instance. You can click here to know how to add properties. As of now, Creative Force supports 11 different property entities which are:

  • Job properties

  • Outfit properties

  • Product properties

  • Sample properties

  • User properties

  • Location properties

  • Container properties

  • Style guide properties

  • Style guide production type properties

  • Style guide position properties

  • Vendor user properties

Along with the property entities, you have the option to section the property into different types. This will come in handy when you set conditional rules for the positions or production types in the Style guide. We have 4 different types of properties:

  • Free text

  • List of options

  • Date

  • Date time

Free text

When the property type is free text, you can add in whatever data you want.

For example, the free text type is very useful for Colour code, Brand ID code or Supplier code.

List of options

From here, you will create a list of options that your team member can later on choose to add to the product.

Sample sizes, Gender or Season would be good to use as a list of options.

When editing a product, you can only choose from the list above.


When editing property, you can only change the property type from ‘free text’ to ‘list of options’ and vice versa. As date and date time are different formats and they are input differently as well.


After creating a property as date format, the way you input data for that property will be a bit different from a list of free text properties. Creative Force will let you choose a date from the calendar instead of typing the text manually or selecting from a drop-down. For example, you can set the due date for when the product needs to be shot by.

Note: The Date type property is counted according to UTC time.

Date Time

This provides you a chance to put in a time alongside a date value. For example, you can set a product to be launched at a specific date and time.

Note: The Date Time property type is counted according to the Client's timezone.


  • You can only change the property from ‘date’ to ‘date time’ and vice versa.

  • When updating the date properties via file upload, please remember to have your property in the correct format DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY. Otherwise, the system will convert the value to a timestamp.

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